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The cabinets in our Guitar Display Case collection use adjustable and padded guitar hangers. These T-nut mounted plates are very simple to install and give you a lot of flexibility to place them wherever works best for your unique instrument. 

Follow the instructions below, download the PDF instructions, or view similar videos on our YouTube channel for step-by-step instructions on using the T-nut mounted guitar hangers. 


  • 1 guitar hanger with 2 sets of T-nuts and screws
  • 1 packet mounting hardware and keys

Step 1: Test fit the hanger.

Test fit hanger with guitar in place to find the most ideal location to mount in cabinet.

Step 2: Drill the holes for the T-nuts.

Mark the 2 holes for drilling. Use a 3/16” drill bit and create 2 holes for attaching the T-nuts. If you don’t have a drill, you can use a screw that is a bit bigger than 3/16” to help make the hole. The center of the T-nut will need to be able to go inside from the back.

Step 3: Insert the T-nuts.

From the back of the case, insert the T-Nuts with the prongs-side facing into the 2 holes as shown in the 1st photo below. Push the T-nut into the back panel as much as you can.

Step 4: Attach the hanger plate with screws.

Position the hanger plate from the inside to align with the 2 holes/T-nuts. Use the 2 black screws to attach hanger as shown in 2nd photo.

You will need to screw very tightly, as this will force the T-nut prongs to press into the back panel. A power screwdriver is best for this. The attached hanger should look like the 2nd photo from front, the 3rd photo from the back.

Step 5: Install the Tear-Drop brackets to the cabinet and screws into the wall.

Install the left and right Tear-Drop brackets to the top corners to the back of the cabinet with the provided small brass screws, see 4th photo below. There are pre- drilled holes to match the brackets.

With a measuring tool, measure the distance between the 2 holes of the left and right Tear-Drop brackets. After locating where you will be displaying the cabinet, measure out the same recorded distance onto the wall. It is important that your measurement is accurate as this will make the attachment easier later. Into the wall, install the 2 large black screws. Use the 2 plastic hollow wall anchors if your wall material requires.

Step 6: Hang the cabinet on the wall!

To hang the cabinet on the wall, simply position the cabinet over the top 2 screws and align with the holes of the Tear-Drop brackets. Slide down the case and have it rest on the brackets. Now you are ready to use the cabinet to display your items, test fit the hanger with item again and adjust the hangers if need.

Click here for printable PDF instructions. 


View the Guitar Display Cabinet collection here. 


Pdf instructions

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