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Very Good Product & Price!

Picked up two for my Bruins jerseys. They worked with me to replace the matting after the color I initially ordered turned out to not be what I wanted. The frames are sturdy and come with everything you need. Hockey jerseys are a bit wide for the portrait layout, but I made them work for me. The hardest part is aligning everything properly with the folds you need to make and pinning. But, the second one was much easier after learning with the first one. All in all, for the price that includes shipping, it’s a really good option and I think they came out great. I’d order again & recommend.

Large 1 Sword and Scabbard Display Case Cabinet (deeper 5 1/4" depth)

the best buy ever

this was the best buy ever 5 stars

Ok just average.

The glass came half off. The lights I paid extra for won't even fit inside because it gets in the way of the hook for the jacket I was putting in. Kinda felt like it wasn't worth $200+ dollars.

Hi Landon,

Thank you for your order and very sorry to hear about the issues!

This is a very large package and unfortunately, shipping can be more challenging for these oversized packages. If you need help with reinserting the acrylic pane, please let us know and we can provide some instructions to set that back into position.

For the Extra Deep Jersey Cabinet, a good option for installing the 12 LED Track Light would be to attach it to the bottom inside of the cabinet. This way you can have the light shine up to illuminate the jersey.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns. You can also contact us during our office hours (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) at (650) 583-3033 and we would be happy to talk with you.


Great pin case

I bought my first case for some collectible pins. I now own 8 of the cases and haven’t had a problem with one yet.

Gun case

I am very pleased with the case.


i luv all the cases i have purchased. the lock on it seems a little cheap but my guitars display well

Read This Before You Buy

I purchased this guitar case for a family guitar that has been passed down to me. Great quality however, it does NOT come fully assembled. You will need to attach the brackets and the hanger for the guitar. Paying this price for something that states fully assembled and it comes 90% assembled is something I would expect from China. If you are handy like me you will be fine.

Hi Brian,

Thank you for your order and sorry to hear that you are unhappy with that!

The hangers and brackets come unattached because we want to give our customers maximum flexibility. Some people will display their guitar horizontally and some vertically. People also have different guitar sizes and will want to adjust the placement of the hanger to their liking. We provide instructions for the simple hanger attachment process (which can also be found in video form on our YouTube channel).

Please let me know if you have questions or concerns and we would be happy to talk with you. You can reach us during office hours (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm PST) at (650) 583-3033.

Thank you.


Worked out great for us. Shipping was fast as well.

Single Pistol Handgun Display Case Wall Mount Cabinet

Feedback on Display Cabinet

The display case cabinet is very nice; however, the staples on the back panel were loose so I had to hammer them back in place.

Beautiful display case!!

Perfect for my long gun! Great customer service for a minor issue, fast resolution.
Very happy with my purchase.

Material is 100% not thick enough for lapel pins. They bottom out and do not sit flat

Material is 100% not thick enough for lapel pins. They bottom out and do not sit flat. Very unhappy with purchase

Best Place to buy a Jersey Frame

I’ve bought 4 Jersey Frames from SFDISPLAY & they always make sure they get it right and provide a great product at a great price!!!


The display was everything I hoped for. Beautiful piece that sets off that set of widen clubs my father had. It is pride if place on my home

Good material, nice close/open lock and premium feel

Nicely made. Just as a expected

Product is awesome! I have been waiting for years to display my shot glasses! A few glass shelves were broken but the seller sent new ones out. I am so looking forward to displaying my shot glasses for the rest of my life! Good product, order yourself one!

Very sturdy n beautiful. My son loves it!!

Even better than I expected. Beautifully made case!

They shipped it super fast, it was beautifully made. Really awesome product so my boyfriend can finally showcase his many zippos! I use some 3m picture hanger so I didn’t even need to use screw and they hold up to 15 pounds. So it was super easy to hang as well!