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Our larger cabinets for displaying many shot glasses use the heavy duty hanging kit. The included hardware such as wall anchors and L-shaped metal brackets provide additional support.

Follow the instructions below for step-by-step instructions on hanging your cabinet on your wall. You can download a printable pdf here


  • 2 Large L-shaped metal brackets
  • 6 Plastic hollow wall anchors
  • 6 Large metal screws
  • 2 Large Tear-Drop brackets (installed on the back of the cabinet)
Heavy Duty Hanging Kit Parts

Step 1: Install wall screws for the Tear-Drop brackets.

With a measuring tool, measure the distance between the two holes of the left and right Tear-Drop brackets. Measure out the same recorded distance onto the wall where you will be hanging the display case. 

Install mount with 2 large screws and 2 plastic hollow wall anchors if you require additional support.

Measure Distance for Tear-Drop Brackets

Step 2: Install the two L-shaped metal brackets for bottom support.

With the cabinet hung on the 2 screws, mark where the bottom of the cabinet is. Then, remove the cabinet to install the two L-shaped metal brackets that will be used to support the cabinet. 

The metal brackets should be installed with about 4" of space from each end of the cabinet. For example, if you have a cabinet with a width of 26", then the brackets should be 18" apart. 

If you have hollow walls, then use 4 of the provided plastic hollow wall anchors and 4 large metal screws. 

Measure Distance and Install L-Shaped Metal Brackets

Step 3: Final Installation

Now that you have the entire mounting ready, just position the cabinet over the top two screws and align with the holes of the Tear-Drop brackets. Slide the case down and have it rest on the Tear-Drop brackets and L-shaped brackets. 

Click here for printable PDF instructions.  


View the Shot Glass Display collection here. 

Pdf instructions

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