‣ Eye-Catching ~ 8 shelves display up to 48 - 56 lighters in retail boxes (depending on box size). 

‣ Quality ~ Handcrafted in solid, furniture-grade, beech hardwood with an elegant finish.

‣ Secure ~ Locking brass latch to ensure the security of your collection.

‣ Protective ~ 98% UV protection door to safeguard your items from fading.

‣ Ready-to-Use ~ Fully assembled, with wall mounting hardware included. 


*Lighters and retail boxes shown in photos not included.   


Solid furniture-grade beech hardwood lighters display cabinet of beautiful design and construction is both attractive and affordable. Cabinet features a framed front door and eight lip designed shelves that secure and display up to 56 lighters. Black felt fabric background creates a stunning contrast for the items you are displaying. The display case comes with brass hinges, a door latch, and installed wall hanging brackets. Designed to showcase 48 (in original retail containers) to 56 collectible lighters (metal/plastic containers and lighters are not included).


Unit Weight: 12 lbs.
Outside Dimensions: 28"H X 16"W X 1.75"D 
Space between Shelves: 3.25"
Framing Material: Beech Hardwood
Door Cover: 98% UV Protection Rated Acrylic 
Door Hardware: Locking Brass Latch
Background Material: Felt Background

48 Lighter Display Case Cabinet (for displaying in retail box)

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Color: Black

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Easy to hang, no glass to worry about, show lighters with retail box and they will not fall out. Looks nice as well.


5 stars

Zippo w/full box

Unfortunately, The shelf measurements are incorrect for displaying a zippo with its case behind. The actual dimension of a zippo encasement is 3 3/8" x 2 3/8". 3.25 inches of space between is not enough to fit the zippo without bending the shelves and scrunching the boxes. My wife got this for me as a Christmas present and I already initiated a return.

Darron Reynolds
It’s just okay

The boxes only fit it you don’t have the lids. You can’t fit them in if the lids are on the back of the boxes, in other words you have to store all the lids separately

Chris Heinze
Not the display I hoped for in the description

It is a nice-looking case but Zippo lighters in the retail box do not fit on top or bottom shelves and the 5 in the middle have to be squeezed and pushed up to get in which bows up the center of the shelf - The keys sent do not operate the lock which is only installed on the bottom latch - Top latch has no lock at all - in either case I cannot lock the display.